Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Last Dog (short story) By Katherine Paterson

                The Last Dog (Short Story)

                    By Katherine Paterson


     Most people say that the short story “The Last Dog” is an interesting story to choose for the theme courage, but my partner and I say it’s not. We chose this story because the main character Brock showed a lot of courage when he got Brog and him out of the facility. The scientists were going to do testing on Brog. We forgot to tell you that Brog is the last dog on the Earth (future Earth). Brock (a human) looks at the computer, which has a list that tells what kind of diseases a dog can have. Brock saw that rabies was one of the diseases so Brock bit Brog and… well you can find out the rest by reading the story.


    Brog, as we told you is the last dog on the (future) Earth because her mom died. Brock discovered her when he went out of the dome to do research. Brog was by a little creek when she was discovered. Brock did know what she was but we think he was a little scared of her at first. Brog is a Labrador and we don’t know how old she is. And that is all we know about her.


      Brock, as we told you is a human who helps fight for Brog’s freedom and his freedom too. Why does he need freedom too someone asked us? We told them and are telling you that Brog needs someone to take care of her. The scientists think he has rabies also. This is what we know about Brock.